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My name is Julie and I absolutely love to cook.   Over time I’ve accumulated about 200 cookbooks and have bookmarked or downloaded well over 1,000,000 recipes.   Over the years I’ve also developed a passion for “clean eating” or eating only 100% natural ingredients and zero processed foods.  If I come across a recipe that is not clean I take the time to “clean” it up.  This blog started as a place for me to store my favorite clean recipes in one place… to keep track of one’s I’ve cleaned up and loved.  The more I shared my recipes with others the more questions I started receiving about clean eating and what products I used to make cooking easier (more enjoyable).

Welcome and I hope you enjoy my site and recipes.  Over to the right of this page you can sign up to receive a new recipe via email when I post one OR you can “like” our Facebook page and receive new recipes, tips and articles there.

If you ever have a question about one of my recipes or would like a family favorite converted into  a clean recipe please feel free to contact me via the contact form below.

Happy Clean Eating,



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